A quiet morning

To make up for the other day, I suppose.

It's been cloudy and almost cold the last couple days, a nice reprieve after last week's 100 degree plus days. When Micah woke up at 8:30 this morning (don't be jealous, other moms, he was also up at 2:00 and 5:30) I took him into our bed to feed him. We lay there together for quite a while, me looking out the window at the abandoned hummingbird nest in the tree outside our window (which I mistakenly thought was a tree of heaven, but is actually a Hawaiian Schefflera, or umbrella tree), Micah smiling at nothing much. Judah was on the floor playing with one of his recent favorite "toys," a silver bead garland that he ripped off our tree at Christmas. He was quietly hiding his cars in it, I think. After a while Micah sat up and began to look around, and then his discovered my belly button. He touched it with one finger and laughed. What was going on in his head? I always wonder.

Eventually we came downstairs and Judah ate his oatmeal while Micah played on the floor, then Judah and Payasa played together for a while with a long piece of bright orange embroidery thread, and then Judah and Micah settled on the floor together and explored their Little People farm. It was so nice, so peaceful. I imagine that it will only be more of this as the boys get older. Right?

Please don't tell me if I'm wrong.

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Sarah said...

Hey Kristy!
I know I have not commented in a while, but I was thinking of you all last Friday. I was at the Beach and saw Ruby's and I know thats one of your favorite spots.

We should plan lunch there. It would be good to see Judah again and meet little Micah! I am always most-impressed of course with Judah's sense of fashion. Very cutting edge among the pre-school crowd, I am sure!

Take care!