Strawberry Fields Forever

Is this one nutty looking bug, or what? It looks so menacing! But in the past couple days Jude and I have seen several of these beetles wandering around our yards, and they seem harmless, just happily going about their business, looking for places to hang out. I talked to Ashlee this morning and found out there's an actual infestation of these going on right now in Southern California and Baja. She directed me to What's That Bug? for more info. It turns out they're sort of like stink bugs, but won't hurt you and don't smell as bad as actual stink bugs. Unfortunately, they have a nasty habit of wanting to be inside, which means you may find them in your house.

But here's the best part: they eat garden pests!! So, if you see these little guys wandering around, work up your courage, fight your urge to kill them with a stiletto, and trap them somehow, then transport them to your garden! Word has it they'll eat the sow bugs right up.

I'm off to go hunting....

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