Driving fast at night

Did you know that you can buy books that give suggested playlists for any occasion? I think it's a fun idea, but I have a couple of problems with them. One: if you're spending money on something like this, either your musical library/experience is way too small or you don't have enough friends with good taste. Two: you're trusting someone whose tastes you don't even know and might be nothing like yours. So it's kind of a weird paradox for me: I'm attracted to the idea and I also hate it. And maybe that's just because I love making my own playlists and I have such strong opinions on what kinds of songs go together. And, as you may know, I like posting my playlists, maybe more for me than for you, dear reader. I like looking back and seeing what I was listening to at certain times. So here's my most recent, for driving fast at night.

Mr. Brightside - PlayRadioPlay! (you have GOT to check this guy out if you like Death Cab for Cutie/Postal Service, he sounds just like them)
In Your Room - Depeche Mode
The Figurehead - The Cure
All of This - Blink 182 (with Robert Smith)
Stripped - Depeche Mode
Stars - Dubstar
Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
Liar - New Order
Rhapsody - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Acrobat - U2
Stay (Faraway, So Close!) - U2
The Last Day of Summer - The Cure
Bloodflowers - The Cure
Home - Depeche Mode


Clint said...

You need more variety.

Kristy said...


Jenna said...

Here's my playlist (as heard on the way to church this morning):

1) Jesus is my Superhero
2) Jesus is my Superhero
3) Jesus is my Superhero
4) Jesus is my Superhero

Do you see any pattern developing??

Kristy said...

Dude, Jenna, I think your playlist is awesome, but you may want to expand your hoizons just a TINY bit...Judah suggests some Jack Johnson to mix it up a little. Or the Banana Hands song. It has good lyrics you can shout to, like "Keep the monkeys away from my hands!!"

Jenna said...

That sounds easy enough, but you have to understand that the guy in charge of the CD player (my dad) is SO uncool. He thinks Jack Johnson is a defenseman for the LA Kings.

See what I have to deal with...

Good luck to me. Maybe Judah can sing me that banana song the next time I see him :-)