There's a parable here somewhere

One Tuesday at MOPS our leader, Mina, brought in strawberry plants for anyone who wanted them. I bravely took one, thinking I could probably manage to at least get it in the groud before I killed it. So I took home my little baggie with its root and three leaves and planted it in the raised planter in front of our place. And lo and behold, it didn't die!! It even began to flourish a little. Soon I noticed a couple blossoms on it, and one showed signs of turning into an actual strawberry. Judah and I kept an eye on it to see what would happen and it steadily grew bigger and turned into a nice little red berry. Voila (or wah-la, if you prefer, hee hee)! I had grown something. People, I can't even keep an avocado pit alive, so this was kind of a big deal. Judah loved it too, and liked examining it, and one day we were sitting around and he said, "Should we go check out the strawberry? See what it's up to?"

So the berry was red, and we were waiting for it to ripen a little more. We were making big plans to cut it up into three pieces so we could all have a little. Then one day I picked it up to test it, turned it over, and to my shock and horror this is what I found:

The sow bogs were having a feast on MY STRAWBERRY! Judah and I were very disappointed. And I don't even know how to get rid of these bugs. Any ideas, anyone?

Farmer Kristy I am not.


Riva said...

Seriously, Kris, if you find out a way to get rid of them, pass it on. I have nests of the things in my backyard. I know you really want to hear this but the other day, I stumbled across a cat poop in my yard. It looked like it was moving...nope, it was just the NEST of SOW BUGS crawling all over it. And to think, I used to play with the things when I was little. UGH!

Sue said...


Keep these sorry things AWAY from my tomato plants!!!

(Sorry to be so self-centered on this one, Kris, but well . . . tomatoes, you know . . .)

Jenna said...

Nooooooo!!!! I hate to see a good strawberry go to waste - although I do like to play with those cool little bugs that roll up in a ball when you touch them.