Soon the most used word in my vocabulary will be "Because."

A conversation with Judah in the car last night.

Judah: Is the moon full?
Me: Yep, just about.
J: It's going down.
Me: Nope, it's going up right now.
J: Why's it going up right now?
Me: Because it has to rise before it sets.
J: Why's it have to rise before it sets?
Me: Because the earth is spinning. (I try to give him accurate answers when I can.)
J: Why's the earth spinning?
Me: Because Jesus made it that way. (This is the standard answer in our family that stops all the whys)
J: Oh.
Me (to Nathan): Yes! It worked!
J (after a pause): Why's Jesus made it that way?
Me: Uhhhhh......
Nathan: For his pleasure.
J: Why for his pleasure?
Me (to Nathan): You get to take it from here.
N: You know how you like to play baseball? Well, Jesus likes to create things.
J: Oh!

And then there was silence from the backseat. Wow, I'm gonna have to try Nathan's technique.

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ashlee said...

Can Nathan come babysit??? Eszter's driving me batty!