Halfway there....

"But don't forget the songs
That made you smile,
And the songs that made you cry."

Through my own stupidity, I lost all of the music on my iPod when I hooked it up to our new computer the first time. I'm really bad at computers. I was an english major. Anyway, the collection the first time around wasn't really anything spectacular, and not even a quarter of what the iPod could hold. So now I'm taking on the tedious and arduous (but fun!) task of filling it back up again. Not as easy as it sounds, as we recently moved our CD rack into a closet under the stairs and I can't even stand up straight as I'm looking for things to add. But it's fun, because I'm rediscovering a lot of the music I loved in high school and college and haven't listened to in years. Tonight I hit the halfway point of what the iPod can hold. So here's how it breaks down:

Songs: 1,280
Artists: 128
Total playing time: 36.5 days

Here are some of the rediscoveries I've made that I'd kind of forgotten about:
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Forever (and the whole Rapture album)
Erasure: She Won't Be Home (by the way, Dave, I discovered that I still have your Crackers Internations album - sorry about that)
Big Country: 1000 Stars
The Church: North, South, East, and West
Enya: Flora's Secret
The Cure: The Last Day of Summer
The Cure: Cloudberry (one of the most beautiful songs ever)
Jude: Brad and Suzy (hysterical)
Pet Shop Boys: King's Cross
Suede: My Insatiable One

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