It's spreading like a disease in the blogosphere!

Stole this little gem from Barbara, who stole it from someone else, who I'm sure stole it from someone else....

Go to your page and list the last fifteen people who have commented you. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter.
1. Barbara
2. Ashlee
3. Melissa
4. Steve
5. Dave
6. Clint
7. Wendy
8. Noreen
9. Sarah
10. Nathan
11. Dan
12. O'Brien
13. Eric
14. Kimberly Rose
15. Dave S.

Have you ever kissed 4? Uh, he's my brother, so I guess so.... at some point...

What's the best memory you have of 10? Wow, there are way too many. I guess anything from our wedding day. Or the day I first thought I might marry him, which was ten years ago now, when I was at his parents' house and he was making taquitos and offered me one.

Why are you friends with 9? I'm not, really. I like her blog, it's pretty funny sometimes.

When's the next time you're gonna see 6? Whenever he deems California worthy of his presence, I suppose. Or when we brave the wilds of Colorado again.

Tell something juicy about number 15: I don't have anything really juicy on him! But I will say that he has spectacular taste in music.

What do you like about 8? She is always encouraging and excited to hear how things are going for me.

Is number 1 attractive? She's SMOKIN' HOT!

What was your first impression of 7? Nice girl. Quiet, but worth getting to know.

How did you meet 3? Long story. Here's the nutshell version: she was dating a guy I'd been friends with for years, who was living with the guy I was dating.

Do you think 13 could kill someone? Maybe. Being a 911 operator probably provides enough motivation for at least one murder.

Is 11 your best friend? No. Coincidentally, Barbara, my best friend doesn't read my blog, either. What's up with that?

Do you think 2 has a crush on you? Something tells me no. Brian would probably be upset.

Who do you spend the most time with? Definitely #10. That happens when you share a home.

What is the last thing you did with #1? New Year's Eve, Book Lover's Trivial Pursuit, 80s movies, lots of food, etc.

Have you ever been to 3's house? Nope.

Would you ever kiss 5? Weird. Both the kissing questions fell on my BROTHERS! Saving me some other embarrassing admissions, no doubt.

How do you know 4? We grew up together.

Have you ever slept with 5? Once again....

Do you think 6 is sexy? Uhhh..... I guess I did at one time...

Have you ever liked 7? Not like THAT!

Where is the last place you went with 8? We hung out at my dad's office. She was his secretary. :)

Are you real close to 9? Nope.

What kind of relationship do you have with 10? The best! He's my better half.

Have you ever kissed 11? No, but I almost landed in his lap accidentally one time, because of our evil Shakespeare prof who made me try to find my seat in a pitch dark room. Maybe he was mad that I was late for the 15th or 16th time...

Have you ever been to the movies with 12? No, but we went to a Mexican taco stand together once. Kind of the same thing, if you look at it right.

Have you ever gotten in trouble with 13? No, seeing as how he's stranded up there in Alaska.

Would you ever make a move on 14? No. Not even if I wasn't married. :)

What do you and 15 talk about the most? We don't talk much anymore. :( But we used to talk about music. He was the only other person I ever found who'd heard of Squarepusher.


David Seruyange said...

It makes me sad to see you put down that we don't talk no mo'... that's just something we'll have to change, right?

Seeing your Squarepusher comment brings a smile... I own most of what he's put out. I have an even bigger fetish for most of the music put out by his label, Warp. There's a kid called Jimmy Edgar who might bring you a chuckle or two...

So what are you listening to these days?

Kristy said...

You're still out there! I was beginning to wonder... Why don't you get yourself down here, like you said, and we'll import Barbara and try to find a decent place to get coffee or something.

I'm a tiny bit ashamed of myself in the music area lately. I'm not discovering anything new. The stuff I'm mostly listening to is pretty mainstream (nothing really wrong with that, I guess). I've become obsessed with Jack Johnson. And Ivy. And I've kind of been going back to my old faithfuls: Pet Shop Boys, Siouxsie, James, New Order, Electronic, Lightning Seeds, etc. I saw that you listed Interpol on your profile. I haven't really checked them out, but I saw them a while ago when they were on the Curiosa tour (I know that I don't dare say they *opened* for the Cure). They cracked me up because they were dressed all mod, and the guitarist had a cigarette in his mouth the whole time, except for when he took it out to drink from the beer he'd brought on with him. Other than that, they didn't really impress me. But I need to listen some more. As we all know, you can't judge a band from a live performance, really, and nothing sounds that great when you're three months pregnant and have been standing in the second row at the Home Depot Center in the hot September sun for close to 4 hours already.

Barbara said...

New template! Ooo! Also: thanks for pulling out the Dan Price lap story. Ah, memories.

Also also: to my knowledge, I've never been called "SMOKIN' HOT" before. Thanks for that.

Kristy said...

Yeah...the new template. I was trying to find a London one for my post on London, and the only one I found in my quick search had too many glitches to make it workable. It was cool, though, had a background of Big Ben. Then I found this one on little old blogger, and thought initially that the statue was in London and the map was the Underground, but now I strongly suspect that they're both New York. Oh well. Close enough.... You can check out the test blog and ensuing gibberish at testingkjlc.blogspot if you want.

I've finally gotten to the point where the Dan story doesn't cause me severe mental trauma anymore, and I just laugh.

And you are so SMOKIN' HOT!

Wendy said...

Oh, I'm not that nice. I think I offend my mother-in-law or hurt her feelings unintentionally almost every time I'm around her, esp. while I'm pregnant!

Barbara said...

You might check out the British Museum Roof template here: http://blogtemplates.noipo.org/

I couldn't get it to work for mine; the text didn't line up right. But maybe it would work for you? Or maybe I'm being optimistic. =)

Graf Spee said...
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Graf Spee said...

I'm glad. I hate causing anyone severe mental trauma. And, yes, Barbara _is_ hot. :}

Kristy said...

I saw that British Museum one, and I don't remember why I didn't use it. Looks like I'm glad I didn't...I think it was because I haven't been there and didn't really feel any connection with it. I wish I knew how to design web pages, then I'd find my own favorite things to use.

Hey Wendy! I think you're probably pretty nice, even though I don't really know you. And I don't think you're as quiet as I once thought, either. :)

Clint said...

You don't think I'm sexy anymore? Well that just sucks...

Also, I'll be in CA for a couple days in May. Up in Mammoth though. So if you want to drive up that far I'd be happy to have dinner with you, Nathan and the kid.

~Melissa said...

Were you dating WILL?!?!? OMG, I did not even know that!!

Kristy said...

Clint -
You know, I AM a married woman... and though I would love to see you, driving to Mammoth for dinner probably just isn't an option. That's a lot of car time for a 1 year old baby.

Hey Melissa - you didn't know that?!?!? Wait, maybe I wasn't when I met you.... it was kind of an off and on thing for a really, really long time. Like, years. We may have been in the off stage when I met you. Though it was never TRULY off. You know?

~Melissa said...

Well, I imagine it's truly off now since he's gone and married (and so have you). But yeah, I probably started coming around when you guys were in the off stage.