I'm so needy

I saw this posted first over here and thought it was funny. Also, I think this has gone around before and I missed it....
Anyway, go to Google and type in your name, then the word needs and see what you come up with. Here's what I got:

Kristy needs to be pinned to the front of your shirt.
Kristy needs the help of "The Babysitters Club." (ain't that the truth?)
Kristy needs to make an agenda for the next meeting.
Kristy needs a few seconds before she tells Amanda "I'm ready."
Kristy needs to turn up the AC cause her hotness is about to burn the place down. (My personal favorite!)
Kristy needs to be hospitalized to end the crisis.
Kristy needs to lose 160 pounds. (Hmmm....don't think this one's possible...)
Kristy needs 15 hours in the dental chair.
Kristy needs to learn a few new tricks.
Kristy needs to come party with the old crew.


Clint said...

heh, my first one includes, "Clint needs fresh young girls to keep his seexual drive alive."


Kristy said...

Ha ha! Luckily, Jess falls into that category.

the cowells said...

mine is so sad... nothing positive in the bunch. apparently, i need to die... get a nose job... etc. thanks a lot ashlee simpson!

Barbara said...

Apparently I need victory, I need a miracle, and I need to lose 35 lbs. (Me losing 35 lbs. is a scary thought.) My favorite: "Barbara needs to move her focus from herself to others and learn to love in order to receive love from other people."

Have you ever been to googlism.com? It's kinda similar; also quite amusing.