The only time you'll ever see me promote Southpark (or: Another example of how Tom Cruise is a big cry baby)

So there was this one Southpark episode about Scientology. For those of you that know about Southpark, you know they pick on anything and everything, and sometimes it's pretty bad. They mock Christianity a lot of the time. But, freedom of speech and all, so no one really says anything about those episodes. Lo and behold, one day they up and offended The Great and Mighty All-Knowing Tom the Couch Jumper Cruise by making an episode that totally mocked Scientology. So Tom and his cohorts got on Comedy Central's case, and they gave in and pulled the episode out of circulation. You've gotta be kidding, right? They can say whatever they want about any other religion or group, but the second you mess with Tom Cruise, WATCH OUT!

So anyway, I feel that it's my duty as a Christian to help spread this episode as far and wide as I can. You can watch the episode here. Warning: there is some bad language and stuff, because it is Southpark, after all. So don't watch it if that's gonna offend you. Otherwise, enjoy, and share the love on your own blog! Thanks to Dave for bringing this to the attention of lots of people, including me.

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