Through the miracles of modern technology....

I can show you my bedroom without showing you the mess!

Nathan's dad, Ken, has set up a tradition in his family. He's a master wood worker, and every time one of his kids got married he made them a beautiful piece of furniture of their choosing and design. When Jenna and John got married he made them a sleigh bed. Brian and Ashlee chose a dining room table and chairs, the chairs of which were built to Ashlee's exact comfort specifications. Later he added a matching high chair for Eszter. Jeff also chose a dining room table and chairs. Nathan and I decided on a bed, and showed Ken our preferred design, which was a sort of Craftsman/Mission combo. He looked at it, said, "But that's so easy! Would you like a dresser as well?" Being the smart people we are, we took him up on it. The dresser was in the same style, really simple with straight lines and no fuss. Well, what started out simple turned into extremely detailed, and we ended up with two gorgeous peices that have all the extras: cloud lifts, piercings, inlay, copper pulls made and patinaed by Ken. And now they're online! Here are our bed and dresser.

You can check out more of Ken's work here, as well as see a close-up of the vine inlay.

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