Mimi's Cafe, Yorba Linda: Where Satan keeps his Minions

Mimi's, again! Today we went to Mimi's for brunch. Nathan had waffles, I had an omelette, Judah ate fruit puffs and pieces of avocado. It was a nice meal. We ran into a friend, chatted with her for a minute, and were waiting for our bill. And then they seated three Yorba Lindans in the booth behind us. Judah, in his boredom, was tapping a spoon on our table. We let him do it, in order to keep him from turning it up to eleven with the screaming. He was being quiet and angelic otherwise, not even babbling. And the spoon tapping was less noise than the waiters banging plates together as they cleared tables. So the lady at the booth behind us looks over, and then the guy looks around the side and goes, "Is he doing construction?" And Nathan goes, "Yeah, he's jackhammering." The guy gets up and goes to the hostess. Meanwhile, his wife goes, "Be quiet!" and their daughter (typical Yorba Linda housewife wearing a track suit from Versace) goes, "Control your child!" Neither of them, of course, looking at us, but choosing the cowardly method of making loud comments that weren't TO us, but AT us. And then they moved tables.

Really. Was it necessary? Couldn't they just have moved tables without the thoroughly low-class, indirect comments? And seriously, a baby tapping a spoon? Call the press! Call Homeland Security! Who cares who Bush is giving the ports to! There's a BABY! With a SPOON! In YORBA LINDA! Isn't this one of the signs of the apocolypse?

And if it's really bothering you that much, geezers, TURN DOWN YOUR HEARING AIDS!

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