London calling

We think that our summer vacation plans have finally been set in stone. And I think it's gonna be good, though not what I'd anticipated. We started talking about going to London this summer a while back, figuring that Judah will be old enough to stay here with relatives and if we wait until next year we'll probably have another baby too little to leave. So it would have been the perfect time. Unfortunately, it looks like that isn't going to work out. There are a lot of good things about Nathan being self-employed: he can set his own hours, take vacations whenever he wants, and there's really no ceiling on how much money he can make, it just depends on how many patients he can drum up. Here's the down side: when we take a vacation, we not only have to save the money the trip will cost, we also have to save what Nathan would have made by working the time we're gone. So basically we have to save up about two times the cost of the trip. Which, for London, would mean about $4,000 or so. At least. And we just can't pull it off this year. Plus, we've been advised that leaving an eighteen month old baby at home with others for a week or ten days is a bad idea. So.... London's calling, and I have to hang up. I can't pretend that I'm not really sad. I haven't been there in a long, long time, and I'm dying to go back.

However, we do have other plans. Our church is doing a church-wide camping trip to Mammoth at the beginning of August, and we think we'll go. It should be fun. We love to camp (where there's indoor plumbing - I know, I'm a wuss) and Mammoth is a beautiful area with lots to do. And Judah will be at a great age for it. Our church is just coming out the other side of a really long, really hard time in our history (50+ years), and we're rebuilding sort of, so we think it's gonna be a good time to get to know people in our church a little better and build some good relationships. Also, you can't really beat $15 a night! So, Mammoth, here we come! And London.... someday I will see you again.

Sorry this post's not very witty or funny or anything. It's more therapy for me and less entertainment for you. I solemnly swear to do better next time.

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