The playlist of a recovering Goth

If you ask my brothers and their wives, they'll tell you that when I was in highschool I wore a lot of black and a lot of dark eyeliner. I honestly don't think that I looked that goth, but to hear them tell it I was one step away from being the princess of darkness. They didn't see what my friends looked like, or else they would have realized that I wasn't really that hard core. There was one time, however, that Steve refused to take me to the mall until I removed my black nail polish. These days my music tastes run more to the pop side of things, though I still claim the Cure as my favorite group of all time. They own a huge portion of the space on my iPod, but don't show up in my playlists very much because I mostly use my iPod when I'm exercising, and it's pretty hard to work out to a song like Pictures of You. Here's my current playlist. You'll notice that I voluntarily sacrifice any street cred that I ever had immediately by including John Mayer in the list. But I always hated that whole "street cred" thing anyway. Who cares what you like and if it's "cool" or not? Unless you like Britney Spears. Then you're hopeless.

83 - John Mayer
Brad and Suzy - Jude
Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Dancing Barefoot - U2
Even After All - Finley Quaye
Heart - Pet Shop Boys
Here's Where the Story Ends - the Sundays
O Baby - Siouxsie and the Banshees
On a High - Duncan Sheik
Rick James - Jude
The Three Sunrises - U2
You're Not the Only One - The Sundays
You Blew Me Off - Bare Jr.
Witchi Tai To - Harpers Bizarre

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